Friday, December 30, 2011

46 years...Oh my!

Well I turned 46 yesterday! Wow! The first thing I thought of was that "This baby is OLD!" I can only imagine how I will feel when I see each of my kids hit their 40's! I hope that I am graced to live that long!
   Our son is in college now and he seems to be such a man these days! I remember when we wanted kids so badly and prayed every month but no babies. 6 years went by and then boon, boom, boom! We had 3.
   My Dad said to me yesterday on the phone, "You know, you were supposed to come on the 14th of December and by the 29th, your Mom was pretty frustrated!" I said that it just started a pattern for my life of being late for everything no matter how I try!
   I like the 40's alot!! I don't know why though. I need reading glasses now, I have creaky joints, menopause has crept in and a couple of surgeries have had to be performed, but all in all, it has been fun! I like, NO, LOVE feeling the security that I feel these days. I am sure that it is because the Lord has prodded, poked, pruned and whittled away at me to grow me.  That has been a process for sure and I hope to share some of those funny and sad times with you along the way. For today though, I am happy and honored to be 46! Age is just a number you know! If you don't tell people your age....why not!?! THAT doesn't define who you are!  I love the wisdom that age brings and I don't feel old!! Do you? Birthdays are God's gift to us for another season of growing! YAY!!