Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Just Say What You Need to Say!

    There is a popular John Mayer song called "Say What You Need To Say". I know it isn't a Christian song, but it is true just the same. If you have something that needs to be said to someone, maybe you need to say it! 
   I am a talker, always have been, probably always will be, unless I feel sick or tired, then I am quiet! I can't help talking, it just bubbles out of my heart and then my mouth! Problem is, not everybody wants to hear me talk or cares what I have to say.....I can almost hear the "Amens!" to that one!! Hee-hee!
    There are things in life that need to be said, like "I love you" and "I am sorry". These are sometimes very hard to say. Maybe someone isn't very "loveable", or you know that your friend won't say they are sorry back.  That is okay, it really is! Your heart needs to say these things for Y-O-U! It needs to be said to them, but if you can dig down deep in yourself and do it for someone else, you will benefit the most! I have been there. After many years apart from my Dad, the "I love you", and the "I am sorry", was so healing for me. I never in my wildest dreams would have thought I could say that, but I let God lead me. I put my trust in Him to help me. My flesh felt stupid, but my heart knew it was the right thing to do. I needed to say that to him, I needed to drop all the baggage that I carried. You see, we build up perceived notions in our heads and hearts that pile and pile until they are mountains and seemingly impossible to climb. Usually they are not nearly as rough as we think they are though. Dad and I have a good relationship now, I have grown up and he has grown also. We see the value in "saying what we needed to say".
       Sometimes, we need to jump out there and ask someone if we can help, if we can pray for them, if they need to talk. Then we need to take the time to listen. Listening can be a gift to a hurting friend or spouse. It can open a heart that has been shut by pain. It can show that they are worth enough of your time to be heard and it can show something as simple as love for that person. When my kids come to talk to us about a problem or a funny experience, we stop and give them our attention, knowing that it will teach them to listen to others. We occasionally are busy and miss a few parts of the situation, but we always try to listen to them because they are important to us.
       I haven't always been so good at listening, I would rather talk. I hear God's voice in my ear though as I get older saying, "Listen Lori".  I am learning alot by listening! I always wondered why some folks were so quiet! Maybe it is because they are better listeners. To the quiet ones out there though, we don't know where we stand with you and would like to get to know you better!  I will continue to be a talker. Do I always say what I need to say? No, sometimes I cower at what someone might think or just don't do it, but I try to.
       Finally,  I am going to say one more thing.  I don't want to be a "preachy" kind of girl, but I do want you to see a most beautiful thing here! Is there anything you need to talk to God about? Anything that you can't see a way to fix on your own? Anyone that has been in your life and you would like that relationship restored? God is bigger than anything we can EVER come across to trip our lives up. The simple act of just confessing with your lips that you sin and have hardness in your heart brings God up on his feet and He reaches out to pull you into His arms! You just need to say what you need to say to Him, ask His forgiveness and ask for His help to fix it! Can that really be all that scary? He has helped me with so many many things in this life that I cannot question His very existence!
      Just "Say What You Need to Say"......it can move mountains and heal hearts! Have a sweet week everyone! 

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